A pair of feet that supports the torso
A hardened skull that covers the brain
A twisted facade the conceals all intentions
Nothing but evil propensity of life
Hidden deep in the head of the seemly angelic

Life of man is full of mysterious stories untold
Hidden secrets that only a few comprehend
Find the meaning
Solve the puzzle
Keep the lessons



Wealth has bought a wicked one some whip
It has stolen command
Into the hands of one that least deserve it
So the innocent suffers
At the mercy of the powered

One who once was a sheep
Turned into a hyena
Life is deceptive, tempting
Mocking all who fall prey to his devices
Not too rich Lord
Not too poor either
A prayer from a sincere soul.


The more the friends,
the greater the burden
Life cannot be lived alone
And on the other side,
It is burdensome to be so much alone

If the number of friends that you have are a lot
You have a lot of issues to deal with
You also have a lot of appointments and invitations to honour
If you do not honour such appointment
You are branded uncaring and such is life


If my words would not fall in deaf ears
I would have changed the world
One must not assume responsibilities that are not theirs
I have seen people whose consciences
And motives powered morals have been warped
By mere passage of time
And by the attitude of the environment

I had to be safe to feel safe
By building a barricade around my properties
To work on myself and those I care about
To ignore those left to their fate to rot
I was not responsible for the troubles that
Most people go through.


In times past I had no purpose
In days ago, I had no use for my talents
A pen in hand
And words in mind
Wrote about creation
Forgot the creator

In sin I swam
Once trod in angelic soles
But followed the devil’s trail in times past
Glad I see a Light
And on the path of darkness is He shone
Shackles on me all broken
Jesus sets free

Oh what peace I sense
Once again mocking at death
Fearlessly on Heaven gaze
Man has moved from death to life
Troubles world all over have an answer
Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.


All I have now is memories
All I can show for is pictures
Stagnant images devoid of laughter
No cologne
No emotional flow
Yet it moves me somehow

That was the past
Great memories worth keeping
Most of the inventors we lost
Holding on the the few remaining
The mistakes we made
The success we chalked
The lessons we learned
Has molded us into these beings
Soon today becomes the past

If ever there are lessons learnt
If ever some of them are worth sharing
Then it is none other but these
Make most out of opportunity while it lasts
When the moment is worth keeping, still it
Appreciate friends as if it’s their last, it usually is
Love when you can because  it is easier to hate
I make today a better past tomorrow

Mammalian Fish

There comes a time in the life of everyone
A time fit to swim
A relief from the scorching sun
The once tantalizing splashes that only imagination could glaze upon 
Lays before me naked; my mirrored image
Vast and stationed
A lake fit for swim

In wandering far and wide
I have found the perfect waters to wash down my sweats
Cool down my desire
Clear my doubt
Make me transparent
With a single splash I shout the first step to victory