It is important how  you value yourself. This is not an attempt to make you feel good or confident per se but it is a necessity in a world that is filled with a lot of people who look down on themselves. How do you value yourself?

How others see you or what they think of you is not as important as how you see and value yourself. Coonfidence is only enhamced by the affirmation by others but it is solely generated by self. Your confidence however depends on how you see yourself and what price tag you value yourself with.

Self worth is not the same as being filled with pride and not fueled by net worth or income or profession or social class, it is uniquely what it is-how important you see yourself to be in life, how much you matter in this world and the vacuum that will be created if you were absent in life.

Knowing how important it is to matter in life, I want to encourage you to be a person of value to this world. You may not make it to the front pages of Forbes, the stage of  Nobel prize leaurates or earn the applause and ovation at the Grammy but be essential and indespensible to someone else-a friend in need, a stranger or another person. This increases your worth and a belief system of worthiness will be kick started within the inner depths of your heart.

Be warned that, self worthiness comes with it own challenges especially lack of recognition for a good work done but that should not be your focus else you risk not going far, however with time, the seemly unimportant contributions you make to life will find  a way to reward you in the long run. Pursue self worthiness by seeking to make better yourself in order to make a contribution to this world. The feeling is never for sale.

I ask you now, how much are you willing to be worth for?


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