“We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them”-Albert Einstein. I am a health professional and that means that it is necessary that I am a life long learner both in my field and the world around me. I do my best to do this but in a different way from most people.

During my undergrad years, we were given recommended textbooks that served as supplements to the information that were taught in class. You may probably relate to that as well. However, the situation is different especially in our current stage of information age. The advent and improvement of technology requires that one adapt to the changing times of education and information update.

Information turnover rate has been so rapid that the production of textbooks that takes quite some time cannot keep up to the latest of information of a particular field. Day in and day out, I come across outdated methods of medical practice and medicines that are no longer recommended for people. More disturbing is the rate as which microbes are becoming resistant to antibiotics. This is alarming and one must be at the cutting edge of the most recent information to be one of the best in their chosen fields.

This does not apply only to the medical field but in any other profession that requires a special body of knowledge in order to function to the best of your ability. If you are like I was, you probably might want to refer to a textbook or lecture notes to make some references when necessary but you may be doing yourself more harm than good.The textbooks do not always work any longer and only an alternative to better sources of information.

Well, if you are fortunate to have an internet access, then there is a lot that you can do when it comes to sourcing for information. Research works, specialist authorities on subjects, meta analysis especially and other relevant journals that are recent in your professional field will give you hands on information on a particular subject. Google search can pull up the most recent and relevant information when used appropriately. This is often concise and time saving.

The advent of the internet which is increasingly available to a wider population of people is a game changer in education and life long learning. For one to be relevant and competent as a professional, the right information is necessary and the internet and other better alternatives to textbooks are necessary for professional growth and development. I have never regretted since I ditched the ‘recommended textbook’ and picked up the most recent meta-analysis that pertained to a particular subject that i am interested in. It always works and I suggest you do same.


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